Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Someday a real rain will come and
wash all the humans off the streets.

Thanks, Jesse!


Fleetie said...

Quigley, maybe you and your bunfriends should start building a bun-Ark so that all the bunnies can be safe when The Flood comes.

No Hoomins Allowed!

Rabbits' Guy said...

This Dutchie somehow related to Grace Quigley?????

cathylmft said...

Fleetie: LMAO--I love it!

Quigley appears to have gotten wet. He's turned his back to us and there's no eye contact. Am I the only one who's worried that there's revenge on the horizon?

UC Doc said...

Travis Bunny, or Rabbit Bickle...CLASSIC!!!

Don't worry Quigley, they'll write it up like you were a hero!

Boopalina luv said...

looks as though he desperately wants to run across to that nice field of grass and shrubs, is it worth getting wet???

Kim said...

What Quigley needs to do is start doing a rain dance, that will bring the heavy rains he wants.

medin said...

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Kind regards
Aylin Celik (Perlapure)

mum of critters said...

lol Fleetie... i just can't help but not be surprised that it's a Dutchie prophesying the doom of hoomins... having lived with the snarkiest of Dutch buns...

janet2buns said...

I believe the Bun-Ark will fly the Jolly Bunster classic bunny and crossbones flag. The hoomins won't stand a chance.

I love that Fleetie said "when" The Flood comes, not "if".

bunnits said...

I know my own Dutchie, Mopsy, will be smiling, waving at us, and saying, "Good by and thanks for all the carrots." (apologies to Douglas Adams)

janet2buns said...

"....So sad it had to end like this,
We tried to warn you all but oh dear"

The Fab Furs said...

And after global warming has flooded out most of the hoomins, the bun-Ark will seek landfall in a propitious location.

And a new nation, Bunlandia, shall be established, wherein all buns are created equal, and a few hoomins will be kept around for the propagation of certain crops palatable to bunnies and for general maintenance tasks.

So say we all!

Rebecca Welch said...

Somebunny has been listening to too much of The Clash.

bunnits said...

Janet and Fab Furs, they'll be singing:

"If I had just one last wish
I would like a tasty carrot
If we could just change one thing
We would all have human slaves"

as they sail away on the Bun-Ark to Bunlandia.