Saturday, July 11, 2009


Disapproval in the front,
party in the back.

Thanks, Annemarie!


janet2buns said...

Otis looks like he partied pretty hard Friday night : he's unshaven, with a serious case of bedhead. He's all "Open the da*n door, I have a headache!" After a hard week of disapproving, he needs and deserves a bit of fun with his bunfriends. He just might have overindulged on the carrotinis a little bit this time.

Fleetie said...

Otis and me both. Was out at nightclub until 7AM this morning.

My. Head. It. Hurts.

Otis and I both disapprove of hangovers in the strongest possible terms.

Especially when they're not our fault. Not our fault at all.


cathylmft said...

Okay...stop the bus...ANYBUN who is forced to sport a mullett would be totally justified for killing his humans. There isn't a court in ALL THE LAND that would find him guilty! Pood Otis! I think it's time to call in Sgt. Mjr. Sweetie Pie and the sniper disapprovers!

Renee said...

luv the Mullet bun! too cute!

rebelle63 said...

Awww, he's having a bad "hare" day!

DKM said...

It's a "bullet"!