Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dylan and Pepper

Is this the day we acknowledge the human?
Mmm, no. We just did that three years ago.



gal said...

I really like this photo. The composition, the lighting (the way it highlights Dylan's(?) whiskers,) the disapproval... Very well done.

janet2buns said...

"I think we are on the five year acknowledgment plan. We must not spoil our indentured servants by acknowledging them too often, or they will get Ideas Above Their Station. No good will come of that."

Rebecca Welch said...

Ohhh those little faces...adorable!

Fleetie said...

These two lovely bunnies clearly have it all worked out. They have got their hoomin to provide a nice zip-up tunnel for them to lie in, so that they can get *just* the right amount of sunshine while they sunbathe, without getting hot.

And it seems that now they're waiting for the hoomin to bring them their lunch.

This is the life!

"Oh and two Carrotinis with that, Hoomin, thank-you!"

Plan B Rabbits said...

We see our dog brothers/sisters routinely spoiling our hoomin slaves. And, being only dogs, they are tough to re-educate. Fortunately, we buns make up for their intemperate largess with our extreme reserve and dignity.

PJ said...

I like the patting paw, indicating the EXACT preferred placement of the carrotini. I'm guessing there's no tipping.

lady Anne Bunshteyn said...

They look like Sherlock Holmes (right) and Dr. Watson (left) discussing Mankind.

Watson:'Shall we eliminate the evidence of our Approval??'
Holmes: 'Elementary, my dear Watson!'

Pepper said...

I am the black rabbit and definately the most disapproving of the two of us. We are definately disapproving of the lack of veg being brought to our outdoor space.