Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bunnies in Space

Cinnamon's taking the day off (too hot for pictures), and in her place, we present:

Bunnies in Space!


Packgrog said...

What The Fluff!?! Very strange.

Wish me luck with my Pepper bunneh. Had to take her to the vet last night at 2am for stomach issues and low temperature. Supposedly she's doing better and there's no blockage, but it's still worrying when your baby seems to be in pain.

Dawn said...

I feel as if I have watched something very important...and yet, much like French cinema, I do not understand it.

Rabbits' Guy said...

2001 - A Space Bunnessy ... Bunnies going where others fear to venture ... (or something like that)

Keep Clam Cinnamon ....

Oh good wishes to Pepper .. we know the feeling!

Fleetie said...

"I'm sorry, hoomin: I'm afraid I can't do that."

"My God, it's full of buns!"

"This hoomin will go 100% failure in 72 hours."

"He taught me a song. Would you like to hear it? ... Cinnamon, Cinnamon, give me your answer, do. I'm half crazy, all for the love of you.."

(That is my favourite film of all time!)

I'm missing Cinnamon already. I hope she's ok. Love and kisses to Cinnamon! I've been looking at last Sunday's CinnaPic all week. Please favour us with another picture of you soon, Queen Cinnamon. x

Rabbits' Guy said...

HAL! Remember HAL? His name letters each precede IBM!

He was born in Champaign-Urbana, home of ILLIAC - the first big digital computer!

Any other 2001 trivia out there?

Fleetie said...

Yes. Pink Floyd (my favourite band) were asked to do the music for "2001", but they declined, because they were busy with other projects at the time in 1868. There was some acrimony between Roger Waters and Stanley Kubrick as a result, which led to some tit-for-tat bitchiness in subsequent years, I've read.

However, they did provide the (live, jammed) backing music to the BBC's coverage of the 1969 Moon landing by Armstrong/Aldrin/Collins, apparently.

I wasn't alive at the time.

Fleetie said...

1968, even!

Michael said...

I dearly hope that Cinnamon feels more like her disapproving self soon!

As for Bunnies In Space? What a trip! That soundtrack was very haunting, it'll be the theme of my nightmares tonight!

I agree with Dawn: It's like one of those arty French films where the characters do curious things like pouring spoons over each other.

Weird, but very cute!

Our thoughts are with you, Pepper!

Dr. Wisenhiemer said...

A rabbit edition of "going to the moon in a cardboard box" found on youtube.
And ,Rabbits' Guy, who could forget
HAL that crazy singing computer?

Fleetie said...

Set The Controls for The Heart of The Bun!

janet2buns said...

This vid reminds me of the 1902 movie "A Trip to the Moon". Like "Bunnies in Space", it is puzzling, yet strangely fascinating.

janet2buns said...

@ Fleetie: I love it when you young kiddies like the music us old folks grew up with. *ajusting glasses leaning on cane, looking wistful* I was a teenager when "Wish You Were Here" came out. My son is horrified that I know all the words to those songs.

Fleetie said...


I'm obsessed with Floyd! I went to a tribute band of Floyd at the end of May, and my friend and I were in the middle of the front row, and *I* got given the drumsticks at the end of it. I was chuffed. Last week in the nightclub, I danced to *WYWH*! I have most of the albums on vinyl from Ebay, for that's how most of them were originally meant to be listened to, pre-1982. My "Meddle" and "Animals" are both first pressings in mint condition. I just this week got a Floyd "Dark Side of the Moon" T-shirt from and wore it out at the club last night and was strutting around feeling very proud (how child-like!)! I LOVE PINK FLOYD. I'm glad to hear you like them too. I was a bit young to be into them while they were still together; even for their last album, though I was dimly aware of it when it was released, I was only 22 or 23.

I was given the double DVD of "PULSE" (live in Earl's Court, London, 1994), AND IT IS BRILLIANT!

Shine On, You Crazy Diamond!

Oh, and "High Hopes" is beautiful; I have it on blue plastic 12" vinyl, and the video of it on "PULSE" is fantastic; the great big teddy bear falling down is very evocative. It still makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. And all 17 minutes of "Dogs" from "Animals" are amazing...


anon7 said...

HAL was not related to the IBM thing, thats a myth.
Also in the 60's the soviets sent a rabbit and a dog into space, the rabbits name was marfusha.

Phyllis said...

You guys are going to love "Bunny" by Bink Floyd, featuring Humphrey Bogart, the Flemish giant:

Lyrics at: