Sunday, May 03, 2009

Sunday Cinnamon

"Her bark is worse than her bite" jokes will result
in grievous personal injury.


Rabbits' Guy said...

I think that I shall never fun,

A rabbit as disapproving as Cinnamon.

Fleetie said...

Cinnamon is not sure whether she approves of that tree being quite there. Would you mind moving it six feet that way? Yes, she means now!

Oh, Cinny, you're not fooling me. I know that beneath that stern veneer, you're a big snuggly snorgly softie-woftie! Who's a bee-yootiful little snuggly-bonce?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where I can purchase a harness like that for my tubby little Holland lop?

thumpyfuzz said...

I feel very looked down upon. Great camera angle!

HedgePigLove said...

Miss Cinnamon,

I trust that both your bark AND bite are fearsome to behold and give thanks that my bowing to your superiority is done from far away.

Dazzled Beader Designs said...

Cinnamon is a great name. I don't think I'd cross her!