Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Cinnamon

It's a wet idiot bag. I'm curious
to see if you can get out.

Cinnamon encourages you to vote for Disapproving Rabbits in the Blogger's Choice awards, if you are so inclined.


Simone said...

Hrmph! Good one, Cinnamon!

Fleetie said...

Cinnamon, you look extra beautiful in that picture!

I have been to that blog voting site and voted for Disapproving Rabbits. Although I THOROUGHLY disapprove of the blatant email harvesting and the ten-year-long account creation ordeal. Do they seriously imagine I gave them my correct details though?!

Now I'm going to look at your picture some more! Your ears look very fine in this picture!

mum of critters said...


Garret said...

The only appropraite thing for Cinnamon's human to do is fill this bag with pancakes and nutriberries! We can only hope that will keep the disapproval at bay.

Plan B Rabbits said...

As in "couldn't fight their way out of a wet sack.."?

Poor, pathetic hoomins.

Sherry said...

I voted for ya, Cinnamon! Good luck! And remember you are number one in our hearts all year long!