Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Oooh, there she is... The last time I saw
that outfit, Love Boat was on in prime time.

Thanks, Cherry!


Michelle said...

Um, Honey and Binky look related. I'm sure Binky would disapprove of that outfit too.

janet2buns said...

This is the week of The Disapproving Brown and White Lops! I love it!

Honey is being "catty" even though she's a bun.

Boopalina luv said...

theres something about lops that just make them so huggable looking! Dispite the grumpy old man faces lol.

maggie said...

Hey Honey, maybe it is retro chic?

Rabbits' Guy said...

Oh nuts .. now our Lucky has caught that disapproving bug too ... dang those brown and white lops .. all ganging up at once.

Show some mercy bunns!

Anonymous said...

Honey is a very cute bunny.