Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Cinnamon

Posing in the park
I worked hard on this poem.
Better get a treat.


Sven said...

Haiku Cinnamon!

spacedlaw said...

Plenty of Cthulots
In Lorraine's larder wait
Treat from outer worlds.


very cute rabbit

janet2buns said...

Cinnamon reveals yet another of his many talents. Lucky humans!

Fleetie said...

"his"? You'd better prepare for laser-beam disapproval directed right at you! Cinnamon will *NOT* approve of being called a boy! It's the Cinnerator for you! (Someone else's word, but very funny!)

Cinny, you look as gorgeous as ever!

janet2buns said...

Yowsa !!! Not the Cinnerator!! I beg Her Majesty's indulgence and forgiveness !! IamnotworthyIamnotworthy!! (backing out, head down, arms outstretched)

The Bunns said...

Cinnamon .. our Poet Laureat.

Whoo Hoo ....

LauraD said...

So, Miss Cinnamon, did you get your treat? I think you deserve a basket of them, myself.

d. moll, said...

Treats for poems, that's in your contract, Cinnamon.

Heidicrafts said...

haiku are fun
but sometimes they don't make sense

-- Ganoush

Velvet Cinnamon
A Disapproving Rabbit
Indeed, aren't they all?

-- Heidicrafts