Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sunday Cinnamon

Cinnamon Q. Suspicious-Pants

Do you really have a treat, or are
you just messin' with my mind?

This is as far as I'm coming out
until you put away the leash.

There. One paw. Now make with the carrots.

In addition, I wholeheartedly approve of this wild bunny's suspicious natures while nibbling:


d. moll, said...

Fantastic, a triple dose of Sunday Cinnamon with wild rabbit kicker!

buggins said...

That was a GREAT video! And why do I suddenly want to play "Suspicious Minds" on my ipod??

birdchick said...

This is totally the same thing that Cinnamon does when she is chewing on something she shouldn't. She kind of sits there and stares back at us and does one or two chews between pauses. It's as if she's thinking that if she stares at us long enough she can keep chewing.

Henry said...

Waaaaah! I tried to view the video and it said "no longer available." Was it controversial? Bun flicks often are.

NBB said...

Try the video again, most likely it's just a YouTube error.

Henry said...

Thanks! Worked this time.

Dr. Wisenhiemer said...

The wild rabbit acted like someone who was startled by an air-horn, but it was only rustling in the grass. If there was an air-horn it'd probably off like a shot. Note the chewing slows, but does not stop.
Cute vid, thanks!

Anonymous said...

those are some serious satellite dish ears - I don't think my domestic buns are as near as suspicious