Thursday, June 19, 2008

Rabbit Bites + Help some L.A. bunnies

Here's the latest from Rabbit Bites, this time it's World of Warcraft player "Athene." Who is the best player in the world.

How nice for him. Quite a legacy, don't you think?

On a more serious note, if you're in the L.A. and would like to help out three buns in need check out this email from RabbitMatch:

Hi, everyone.

*Three buns need your help.*

Please find space for three Very Adoptable buns who need saving quickly.

We are a tiny little four-person rescue working directly with city shelter buns (and all that implies). We now have 18 buns and 15 is our limit. We have no foreseeable (screened and educated) adopters in the pipeline and have exhausted all our local possibilities.

The situation is critical for three of these 18. These three 'less adoptable' buns (read: white with pink eyes) were put on the red list yesterday. Indira, Boston and Maui. So everyday is now critical to them (and us).

*What they need:* Safety for three of our 'Very Adoptable' buns out of the city shelter so our 'less adoptables' can survive. Are you able to help by offering rescue space, fostering or (quality) adopters?

These are our three Very Adoptable Kids:

*Quicksilver* is a small neutered boy (5 lbs but looks like 3.5-4 lbs), chinchilla coat, baby face (will always look very young), impeccable litter box habits (the best we've Ever Seen), quiet till he gets in the ex pen and he grunts for pets. : )
*Shangri-la* is a beautiful b/w Dutch girl with deep deep blue eyes, quiet, sweet, spayed three weeks ago.

*Denver* is a handsome medium brown Palamino boy, neutered three weeks ago, he's our energetic hoppy boy, Very Happy Active Rascal.

These are pics of Indira, Boston and Maui too. You'll see who you'll be saving. : )

Can your rescue take one, two or all six ; ) of these fuzzbottoms? and give them a safe place out of the shelter system till they find a furever home? Transportation to practically anywhere can be worked out.

All our wonderbuns can be seen at * *

*Thanks for being out there.*
I generally try to keep this blog light, but if you can lend a hand, please do so.


Lisa said...

Sometimes ya just gotta shine a light on a bun(s) in need, it's good bunny karma! So glad they got help.

Sally said...

Worst buns and chou chou epidsode I've ever seen. I acutally had to stop it in the middle. yikes!
I'm up to 16 paws (4 bunnies) at this warren or else it would be a free for all. All buns invited!
paws up.