Saturday, May 24, 2008

Lend a hand to the MCRS

Hey all, NBB here, stepping out of character for a moment to let all the animal lovers out there know of a terrible situation that's developed in here in Minnesota.

This week, a large number of animals (including 131 rabbits) were rescued from a farm in our state. You can read the specifics of the story here, but the really important thing is that the animals have been taken in by organizations that could use your help.

What do they need? Volunteers, donations, and foster homes. You can get more information from the Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society here, and from the Golden Valley Humane Society (where the dogs were taken) here.

If you don't live in the immediate area but would like to donate, you can donate online! The MCRS can take your donation (using Visa, MC, American Express, checking account, or PayPal) on their page about the confiscation, and the GVHS has a donation page here. Please help out in any way you can.



archi's mum said...

thanks for the info :-) it's a sad story, amazing to think that people can do that to animals, just let them live like that... deplorable

spacedlaw said...

That is an appaling story. Shall contribute.

FiyaWiya said...

It's good to know that people care about animal rights but I wonder how many are vegetarian. The greatest abuse happens in the slaughter house everyday.
The most important thing we can do to help the animals is to stop eating them.

Plan B Rabbits said...

Thanks fer lettin' us know. Not sure if dis iz happenin' more or if it's jus' a function of a da electronic, instant info society. Eith'r way, deez folks need ta be stopt fwum killin' more creaturez!

Cinnamon said...

Now, now, I don't want to turn this into a debate about the benefits of what kind of diet you have. The important thing here is to help these organizations, so let's leave it at that, shall we?

Sally said...

Thanks for the post, I passed this on to Meg at cuteoverload, she gets a lot of traffic. Happy to donate.

barbara said...

We had a similar seizure here in Houston in December 2006, 156 rabbits most of which were Jersey Wooly's and Fuzzy Lop's.
Glad to donate : )