Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Big Hat Book Signing

I just got word that we got our first shipment of new shirts and they should be heading out this week. Whoot! Also, there is a fun video of my mom's cat watching Cinnamon over at the Birdchick Blog.

The signing at Big Hat Books last weekend was loads of fun. And I was shocked by how many kids showed up. I mean, I kind of see the book as fun for all ages, but I had no idea so many kids would be there and were really into it--that is pretty darned sweet. Cinnamon had a great time because she was the center of attention, it was actually kind of hard to buy that she is such a disapproving bunny.

The book store staff was really sweet and had a blanket ready for Cinnamon to sit on while we were at the table. We were there for two hours, bet we did get breaks for Cinnamon to hop around the store. What was really sweet was that a family who lives with a bunny named Trixie brought a gift bag for Cinnamon (above). The bag was chock full of bunny goodness: Timothy hay, an organic apple, fresh organic dandelion greens, and organic carrots--let me say, she enjoyed the whole thing--including the paper bag. Thank you Trixie and Family!

We've had some other exciting developments as well! On November 16--one month after the book was released, we got a note from our supplier at Harper Collins that they were out of Disapproving Rabbits books and it was back ordered. A reprint is scheduled and more should be available very soon. If you have ordered a book from us and haven't received it yet--don't panic. There are still some distributors who have them in stock and we've been able to get hold some and will have them to you soon. But, if you want a book in time for the Holidays, I would pick it up when you see it. If you want it personalized, I would get your order in ASAP so we can make sure to get it on the list to ship in time for the Holidays. I signed all the books at Big Hat and I think DreamHaven has books left as well--if not, it's easy enough for me to pop over to DH and sign one from them.

Another exciting development is that Barnes and Noble is featuring the book on their Holiday Humor table--again, if you see one at B&N, I would grab it soon, I know they have their own distribution system and shouldn't run out but I have no idea of knowing the numbers there.

A third exciting development is that Urban Outfitters picked up the book too! Who knew bunnies were so hip? So, there are a variety of places to pick up the books.

Here is my sister Terri, my mom (in heels), me, and my sister Monica at the book signing.


archi ann said...

That is so awesome! Outta print already and into the 2nd printing! WOW. Congrats!

Glad the signing went so well and just so happy for your success... does cinnamon approve?!!

I took my copy to my hairdressers yesterday to show off. Last week I took it to my ladies bible study (about 80 women) and told as many as i could! And have taken it to the dog park! I don't take my bunnies to the dog park though :-)
archi's mum

Laura Erickson said...

Splendid news!

d. moll, l.ac. said...

Glad to hear you are going into a second printing. You wouldn't believe my plans for Xmas pres this year, yup, Disapproving Rabbits to one and all.

Willow's mum said...

Woohoo!! Onto a 2nd printing already! I've gotten about 15 at a local bookstore and yup, they are Christmas presents for everyone who has a bunny or who loves my bratty bunny :)

Rabbits' Guy said...

This is all such great news. Congratulations to all and a nice little treat for Cinnamon!

Anonymous said...

Monica...how YOU doin'? ;)