Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I say, old chap, I rather disapprove of that.

Thanks, Amy!


Anonymous said...

Adorable Bun!

archi ann said...

absolutely LOVE this post and the caption but for the life of me can't think of a great comment about it... but finally had to give in and just say I Love it! it's perfect!

wendy&chocolate'smom said...

i think that along with the original disapproving rabbits t-shirt there should be a "my rabbit is on disapprovingrabbits.com. he/she disapproves." or something of the like. lol.

TuffBunny said...

How about instead of the "standard" "I'm proud of my honor roll kid @ x school" - I'm proud of my disapproving rabbit @ disapprovingrabbits.com. Seriously, if that was a bumper sticker, I'd get a picture of mine disapproving and submit it in hopes of getting him up, so I could put that on my car :)

Or "My rabbit is on disapprovingrabbits.com. This shirt is officaly disapproved of."