Friday, October 26, 2007

Washington News Tribune

Well Cinnamon is popping up all over Washington! Yesterday someone emailed to say they saw her clip of eating parsley on Seattle's KOMO TV and this morning, the Washington News Tribune has a story on the Disapproving Rabbits book!


TeeCee said...

Cinnamon is soooo adorable munching that parsley. Love the music in the background too. It's perfect! I'm from Seattle and watch KOMO all the time. Missed the video on tv though. My neighbor loved it as well. My bunny Daisy loooooves parsley too. Incidentally, and not to be too picky, but the "Tacoma News Tribune" is the actual name of the newspaper. Thanks for the great website. It's the highlight of my day lately.

Anonymous said...

It's the "TACOMA" News Tribune, not "Washington"- which is the fine state from which we hail. But that's just a little detail; we're all bunny-happy here!