Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Share Your Disapproval

Yesterday, Carri Ann sent me this photo from her yard:

She wrote, "I made a gate for Archi's outdoor enclosure outta plywood and now Cinnamon is forever watching over the area, disapproving of it all! All that's left is to etch in the words BEWARE of Disapproving Rabbit."

Thanks, Archi's Mom, that is awesome!

In the last week or so, people have been sharing their Disapproving Rabbits stories of finding like minded individuals around the country. Have a fun story or a photo of you and a Disapproving Rabbits shirt? Send it in, we love to hear 'em. And thank you to each and every person who has just visited our site, purchased a shirt and or a book. You guys make having a website loads of fun.

Here are some disapproval sightings:

"Saw someone shopping who was wearing a Disapproving Rabbit t-shirt. It's not just your friends buying them!"

"I live in Maine and every year there is a big Common Ground Fair sponsored by MOFGA. All organic farmers and a lot of hippies. There are fun crafty tents, activist tents, a farmers market, tons of livestock...you get the picture. Well I wore one of my favorite T-shirts . . .
my disapproving rabbits shirt. The first few stares I got I thought were funny. My husband and I stopped counting around 30 . . . and mind you I don't have much else on my chest to look at if you know what I mean. It wasn't until I was in the animal activist tent that I realized people thought that I was making a real statement. They thought my disapproving rabbit was disapproving rabbit abuse! While I'm sure Cinnamon would whole-heartedly disapprove of rabbit abuse in all forms, I thought it was funny that people missed the humor in the
shirt. Oh well . . . maybe they will all buy T-shirts from you :D"

"I had to drop you a line about my family's trip to Chicago August 13-19. I wore your DR t-shirt at the Field Museum, and a museum employee stopped me to say what a fabulous shirt it was and how she loves the DR website."


archi ann said...

it's like we're all part of a movement... hehe
archi's mum

DK & The Fluffies said...

Totally want that fence!