Thursday, October 18, 2007

A note of thanks

Hello everyone, Bill (a.k.a. "The Big One Who Picks Me Up") here.

I'm going to "break character" here for a moment to thank you all for the success that you've given Disapproving Rabbits. Hope you're all enjoying it as much as Sharon and I enjoy opening Blogger every morning and thinking "What is this rabbit hating?" Thanks especially to all of you who have sent in pictures, or bought the book, or recommended it to friends, and have, as a result, made it it #3 on Amazon's list of books about Mammals (behind the ever-popular Meerkat Manor and a book about autism and dogs). Please feel free to write a review of it, if you are so inclined.

As Sharon likes to point out, when she suggested putting a gallery of rabbits on her website, I thought it was the dumbest idea in the world. It's about birds! Who wants to see pictures of pet rabbits? But then, I thought the iPod was a dumb idea, too, so the lesson is: never listen to me.

Again, thanks for all your support. We appreciate it, even if Cinnamon (as always) disapproves.



archi's mum said...

Thanks for the thanks Bill and Sharon :-) I am very happy for your success with the book (congrats on #3) and it's been a blast to "be a part" of something that has really swept the nation, even if in just a small way. I've been patiently waiting for my copy to come from you all (i know you sent it) avoiding the book stores... trying to delay my gratification until my copy comes. It'll be like Christmas! But I also like dguzman's idea of going and checking where it is and making sure it's turned out and displayed prominently :-)

Congrats and enjoy the wave, even if Cinnamon still disapproves!

Katie Driscoll said...

I just bought it today ;) It made me giggle with glee and I actually recognized a bun from my forum.

I'd actually like to thank YOU for comming up with such a great idea and sharing Cinnamon and Latte with all of us :D

LindaG said...

My local newspaper The Oregonian featured THE BOOK in its pop culture column today (Can you call it featured if it's the last thing in the article? Well, you get the idea...)

LindaG said...

Well, that didn't work out too well.... darn Blogger. Add these characters to the truncated address above for the full link:


Or just read it as pasted here:


Awww, bunnies! They're so cute. So cuddly. So . . . not the least impressed with you. In the latest in a seemingly endless series of funny animal-photos-plus-captions books, we now have "Disapproving Rabbits" (Collins, $12.95, 192 pages). I can hear you saying: Whaa? Who says rabbits are disapproving? But think about it. Of all the rabbits you've known (OK, maybe there haven't been that many), have any of them looked at you with anything other than a slightly beady-eyed deadpan stare? Well, then, how big a jump is it to think that those rabbits are just not that into you?

Author and rabbit owner Sharon Stiteler came to this realization after noticing her pet bun, Cinnamon, had major attitude. Proving her point, Stiteler collects photos of bunnicular haughtiness, such as the jowls-only shot of a rabbit trapped under a sheet, which observes: "I disapprove of your thread count!" Or a nutmeg-brown specimen whose stern eyes and turned-down nose signal: "Your insufficiencies wound me to the core." It would be terribly damaging to the self-esteem, if all the buns weren't so fuzzily cute (don't tell 'em I said that; they'd surely disapprove of my condescending attitude).

Kristi Turnquist: 503-221-8227;

Jean said...

I found your book browsing around Border's last night. I laughed so hard I was wheezing! Until now I thought I was the only one who noticed bunny haughtiness. I'm glad to know it isn't just my imagination. Thank you so much for creating this adorable book!

archi's mum said...

my book just came!!! Both Clyde, who passed last year and Luther who died 2 weeks ago, are in the book with their bunny friends Riena and Archi on different pages. So i feel like what a cool memorial to a couple great bunnies!

riena and archi ann are still around and disapproving with the greatest of ease!!!

thank you - agree with a previous poster - THANK YOU for sharing with us :-)