Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Trick or Treat!
And believe me, you do not
want to know what the "trick" will be.

Thanks, Tim!


dguzman said...

What a cute little skipping bun! Thank goodness I have a bowl of baby carrots for the trick-or-treaters!

Sherry said...

I hope it is ok that I am now using this image as the background on my computer...I will change it after Halloween when I hope to see some Thanksgiving disapproval on this site!

Anonymous said...

now that is just a ridiculous amount of cuteness.

Kenshu Ani said...

One word: Awwwwwww

Janna Seliger said...

That is an adorable bunny!! And I love the name, too! Jiro is the name of my favorite Japanese bass guitarist (random, yes, but true). Hehe.