Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Grumpy Bear

"Get all the happy stuffed animals you want,
but you're still a disappointment."

Thanks, Jody!


sven said...

The lion is really in love!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the lion definitely approves of Grumpy Bear... Oh, how painful it will be for the lion when it realizes it's affection is looked upon with disapproval. We could start a mini-soap opera starring thest two and call it: Bun Life to Live.

archi's mum said...

here's something for all bunny disapproval... this cracked me up - if you hit the link to the HarperCollins website to buy the book there are AD links from Google on the right hand side... that are s'posed to be content sensitive to whatever page/info you are viewing.

2 of the ads are links to buy rabbits... VW Rabbits...

Buy Rabbits
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dguzman said...

Yee-ouch! That disapproval hit me right in the gut.