Thursday, October 18, 2007

Disapproving Rabbits Book In Stores

Yesterday morning, I dropped Non Birding Bill off at work on the Minneapolis campus of St. Thomas University. We walked by the St. Thomas Bookstore and even though it was closed, we could see the Disapproving Rabbits book prominently displayed from the entrance--whoot!

On one of his breaks, NBB went to the downtown Minneapolis Barnes and Noble and found the book out and on display and texted me the above photo.

I also got a message and the above photo from Hasty Brook who went out to her local Barnes and Noble to find a copy:

"The kids and I were at Barnes and Noble this afternoon looking for books for John, and when I went to the desk to ask for help, I found the clerks laughing over a stack (6) of your books! They thought it was really funny! We were excited to find our Buddy in it- can't wait to get mine! I took a couple of cell phone pix of the books on the shelf for you. Congrats! It was on the shelf between Jon Stewart and a book called "How to Build a Bong"!!"

I'm not sure Cinnamon would approve being next to a book on modern bong building, but she would tolerate Jon Stewart. I had to take Cinnamon out to the vet's to get her nail's trimmed (and drop off a book). Afterwards, we also went around town to see where else one could find The Disapproving Rabbits book.

I took Cinnamon discreetly into the Har Mar Barnes and Noble and looked for the book. I couldn't find it and asked at the help desk--they were just unpacking it. I mentioned that it was my book and that Cinnamon was the star and they got excited. That's Janet in the above photo, she asked if she could hold Cinnamon--I warned that disapproval to the uninitiated can be a jolt, but she handled it well.

Then, they asked if I would autograph their store copies! I was so not expecting that--I figured that I'm too new and unknown, but they said that I'm local and Harper Collins is a big deal. So, if you want an autographed copy and one that has been personally disapproved of by Cinnamon--head to the Har Mar Mall Barnes and Noble. It even has the "Autographed copy" sticker honor--whoot whoot!

We then went over to the Roseville Borders and after some searching, found the book on the bottom shelf of the humor section.

Our last stop was DreamHaven Books where the manager, Elizabeth showed Cinnamon their display. Incidentally, there were only a few books left, but Elizabeth said that they would be getting more--especially for the Disapproving Rabbits Party on November 2, 2007! I'm so excited, the Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society will be there with information on house rabbits and some live foster rabbits--it very well might be a bunny 'splosion! And, there will be cookies for humans and parsley for disapproving bunnies! It'll be fun!

After all that excitement, we came home and I gave Cinnamon some bunny smack aka canned pumpkin--she does approve of that! Here's a video of her eating her pumpkin after visiting all the book stores, be sure to watch for the oh so cute bunny tongue action at the end:


DK & The Fluffies said...

Pumpkin is the best next to bunny crack that is... bananas.

Henrietta said...

Oh, I am SO thrilled for all parties concerned! As soon as paychecks arrive I am heading out to get my own copy of bunny disapproval. I'm sorry if I have overlooked this, but Is there going to be a Disapproving Bunny calendar for 2008? If not, I personally would love one.

bluesaffron said...

Cinnamon is certainly a busy bunny about town and it's so good of her to let you tag along.
The secret code book looks interesting too. With that, I could leave comments here and you'd have no idea what it I was on about, but you'd be impressed by the mystery of it all anyway.
I hear my copy of Cinnamon's book is making it's way across the border as we speak. I'm hoping it's able to answer all questions at customs correctly and has a pleasant trip.

spacedlaw said...

Cute! And of course a much earned treat after all this being chased by the paparazzi.

Victor Tabbycat said...

Congratulations! Cinnamon is a celebrity! I's puttin that book on my Amazon wish list (no kitties allowed in the book stores).

Jonathan said...

Calendar calendar calendar!

A disapproval for all seasons....

peggy said...

It's so weird that watching a bunny eat pumpkin makes me as happy as it does. Of course, I also enjoy watching my cat eat like a trucker at home.

contrats on much fame, celebrity and success!

archi ann said...

what a hoot. that is so cool. congrats cinnamon. "Mum, i want pumpkin now!"

Jess said...

Hearty congratumalations! Woecat approves.

But how will Cinnamon feel to learn that the canned pumpkin she's enjoying may not actually be 100% honest-to-goodness pumpkin? (Scroll down to the 6th paragraph for the canned pumpkin shocker. Fortunately for me, I'm not much the squash snob and recovered quickly; a discerning rabbit's mileage, on the other hand, may vary.)

Water said...

I haven't seen bunny snorfage like that since my bunny got into my Halloween stash of SweeTarts. So much awesome.

Laura D and the Quilled Friends said...

Would it please the e'r disapproving Cinnamon to receive photos of her book as it is displayed in bookstores across the country?

birdchick said...

Please send us photos and what city (and book store it is available in)! It makes the stores happy for extra pub and it's just so much fun for us!

As for the not real pumpkin--that was in interesting article, but I enjoy butternut squash (as does Cinnamon) so I think we can live with it. I usually pick up Farmer's Market Organic Canned Pumpkin...the ingredients say Certified Organic Pumpkin...

dguzman said...

I'll send you a pic from my local B&N in the morning, and I'll also do what I used to do when I worked for a publishing company: "face" the book on the shelves (if it's not already)--that's where you face the cover out so you can see it on the shelves. The pub co I used to work for was called Taylor, so we called it "Tailoring" the bookstore. We did it with all Taylor titles we found.

This is so awesome! And what a good bunny Cinnamon is--Niblet would NEVER allow me to hold him, much less a stranger. And to be carried about town? Fuggedaboutit! Obviously, Cinnamon has accepted these inconveniences as the price of fame.

Yay Cinnamon! Yay Birdchick! Can't wait to get our copy of the book.

bekibunny said...

I second (third?) the idea of a disapproving bunnies calendar. I've already warned my relatives that they will be getting me the book and the shirt for Xmas!
I didn't know bunnies ate pumpkin. I'll have to see if Henry likes it. Poor Henry, I have a feeling he didn't make it into the book (he's on the site!) because his picture was too low-rez.
Cinnamon is such a good bun: the fame hasn't gone to her head at all!

Julia said...

I love that cute video, yum pumpkin! And you're so watching love actually in the background aren't you? ^___^ Love that film.

Kelly Cat said...

Congratulations for the publication of DR and everything that goes with it... enjoy it all!

Can't help it... I approve wholeheartedly of Cinnnamon.

Kelly Cat's lagomophile human

Redzilla said...

Yay for the book release, but I don't know how to feel about seeing a video of Cinnamon approving of something, even something as universally acclaimed as canned punkin. It seems unnatural.