Saturday, September 01, 2007

I disapprove of MySpace

The Big One Who Picks Me Up tells me I now have a MySpace page. Great. One more thing I have to keep track of.



archi ann said...

me too! too messy! but when you have a book out Cinnamon you do need to get the word out to the masses and the masses use myspace. my mum actually bought an album by a band called zechs marquise just because someone's myspace page was playing the song Pattern and she liked it. so myspace does work! she played it in the house yesterday and i wanted to run away!

spacedlaw said...

Well I totally dispprove of MySpace too and wowed I'd never have an account.
Famous last words.
Tonight, I got a message from my editors saying that they had set up a MySpace account for the book, asking me to join.
Since I was at it, I've added Cinnamon.
That place could use some more disapproving rabbits.