Friday, September 28, 2007

Disapproval Over At Cute Overload

Don't worry folks, an actual disapproval will be coming soon, but you might want to check out the bunny at Cute Overload. I'm not sure if it's disapproving of the Vikings, the sweater for the NFL in general.


Trixie's Mom said...

He is absolutely disapproving of the Vikings or any other team that thinks they can beat the Packers this season! Go Pack Go!!!!

spacedlaw said...

I saw this yeasterday and thought about you. That bunny certainly looks like he's disapproving (and rightly so too).

Theo said...

Oi Birdchick!
Finally put a link here in the margin over at Cute Overload. Don't know why it took this long. Anyway, um... harrumph?